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The Future of Work

Remote work is expected to rise 300% of Pre-COVID levels. 
                                                             - Forrester Predictions

Work from Anywhere Strategy

In 2021...

  • 47% of North American managers surveyed during the pandemic anticipate a permanently higher rate of full-time remote employees.

  • 53% of employees say they want to work from home more often even after the pandemic. 

Most companies will utilize hybrid work models with less employees in the office and more working remotely full-time.  Organizations will need to transform how the company creates value and will rethink competencies and processes in talent acquisition, development, and engagement.

Remote Leadership

As organizations shift their business models, leaders will have to build new capabilities and talent processes to thrive in 2021 and beyond.  This will include 


2020 became the year that everyone became digitally savvy.

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